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Handwriting + calligraphy font? Luxurious and beautiful, suitable for your various design needs

Modern Handwritten is a contemporary handwriting style in the current era, using modern writing tools such as gel pens, styluses, or graphic tablets but still displaying the characteristics of human handwriting, having the characteristics of a more modern and elegant handwriting. Oishigo Modern Handwritten font suitable for branding, logos, wedding designs, social media posts, advertising and any project that requires a beautiful calligraphy style.


The font’s appearance is similar to natural/human handwriting, allowing a person to create notes or art with a digital device, but still create a display that resembles natural handwriting.

The choice of modern handwritten fonts really depends on the context and purpose of the design. This font is designed to imitate a more contemporary and casual handwriting style, creating a sense of familiarity and beauty in each interconnected letter. It can also provide a creative and personal touch to certain projects, making them more interesting and emotionally digestible for the audience.

Oishigo is a freeform handwritten font, it has a tail that goes up and down randomly which makes this font look different and beautiful. You can use this type of font for free for personal use. However, for commercial purposes, you will have to purchase a license which is available starting at $16.00. This font has many different ligatures, more than 50 ligatures and additional alternates and swashes.


The features in this font can increase the aesthetic value of your design including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, punctuation, numbers, ligatures, and alternative characters. Combining these features with appropriate portions will produce beautiful and charming text.

  1. Graphic Design: This font is often used in graphic design to create a more personal design, especially if the design wants to give the impression of beautiful handwriting
  1. Invitation Cards and Marketing Materials: This font is often used in creating invitations, greeting cards or marketing materials to give a personal and casual touch
  1. Creative Projects and Digital Art: In the world of digital art, modern handwritten fonts are used in creative projects, such as posters, illustrations, or other digital art.
  1. Photography: Photography is the art of communicating through photos. Each photo usually has a story and atmosphere that it wants to convey to the viewer.

Oishigo Modern Handwritten

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