this is an example of the font we made

We use Corel / Adobe Illustrator to make vectors and become fonts (FontCreator)

Beforehand, we made strokes to look for the type / shape of the letter desired *only for the image
But for this austwell font we do not use sketch(paper)-> scan-> vector,
but we directly use Pentool in AI to create character letters

After all characters are finished, from lowercase letters, uppercase letters, symbols, numbers,
multilingual and ligature and alternate stylis are complete. We proceed to the next stage,
which is to transfer all characters into font processing software, FontCreator
In short, the kerning process is the most important process in creating fonts.
This process determines the neatness and beauty of our font.
Kerning is the distance between letters one to another, character one with another character,
so all are checked for a satisfying end result and the font is ready to be exported to otf files etc

Fonts are ready to be used for the personal or business purposes that we live.